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Tena Lazaravic | Re-designing the urban noise

Re-designing the urban noise

In the 21st century, the situation with the city noise have not gone better. According to a report by the research and consultancy organization CE Delft for the EU annually 50.000 people die of heart failure caused by traffic noise.

The constant dronish low frequencies of cars going by, helicopters , people shouting, music pouring from shops, is what Murray Schaffer refers to as a “sonic sewer”. However an important shift of thought have been made from preserving only isolated corporative buildings, towards protecting the acoustic realms of the public spaces.  The cities deserve too to have a healthy and diverse aural realm. There are several ways of attaining the aural hygiene of the cities and they have been broadly discussed among architects, planners and acoustic ecologist during past decades. One of them is the sound installation  called organ of corti – done by UK based art practice Liminal, that aims to re-design the urban noise.

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