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Tena Lazaravic | Amondawa: Playing with the elements of the wind and the sea

Amondawa: Playing with the elements of the wind and the sea

  Amondawa is a site-specific sound installation, inspired by the dynamic interplay of various forces that form the location of Zandmotor. Unlike the stiff urban architectures, made to rationalize and optimize space, it is rather a dynamic, manmade landscape, that aims to work as an open framework. Its language, as well as identity, is fluid and disperse. The installation is an organized as a collective  act, where spectators have been invited to float on one of the lagoons at the Zandmotor, freely exploring a series of sound islands, initiated by various energies of natural cycles present at the location. While floating on the deck inside the lagoon, the sounds are rather sensed than heard. They are occupying the attention, requiring an alert presence, refrained from analytical thought. A deep stillness placed in the present moment opens infinite possibilities.


During her residency in iii, Tena Lazarevic developed a site-specific intervention, together with an Instrument Builder, Jesse Smits, at the Zandmotor which was presented in cooperation with Satellietgroep and TodaysArt.


See the installation here:



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