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Tena Lazaravic | 100 soundscapes of Japan

100 soundscapes of Japan

First you decide who’s going to live there and what kinds of sounds they would like to live with. The Japanese soundscape association decided to ask people to nominate the 100 most beautiful soundscapes in Japan. Thousands and thousands of people replied. They said, the way the waves hit a particular shell from a sea creature on a particular beach—it sounds very different from pebbles and sand, it’s a unique sound.

The people from the association would then go and hear the sound and if they agreed, they would put it on the 100 most beautiful soundscapes in Japan. And so those places are protected. They’re like heritage sites. If you wanted to put a cement factory next to one, you probably would have a great deal of difficulty. They’re protecting the environment by using sound creatively—and consulting people. Pass it back to the people. I don’t think people want a lot of noise. I think they’re frightened to complain and say they would like it to be a bit quieter.


Murray Schaffer


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