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Tena Lazaravic | Suspended rain


Reflecting its intangible materiality, the sound transforms the space to the point where the perception of space through sound goes beyond the physical limits. Sound-as a form goes further then image. At the same time, it is both the content and the form, in its pure state of transition. Fundamentally, the defined space thus reflects the geological time, formed around a sound event – rain. The orchestration of potential forms emerges.



Delicate regular drip after the rain, creates an aural afterimage. After the “cleaning” effect of heavy rain drumming, our senses are more fierce and alert for what is around. Sharpening the senses, imagination comes into play. The space that comes after is like an echo of the rain – in her absence. A silence.  The rhythm of the rain slows the heart rhythm; Our bodies are getting aligned with rhythmic presence of drops – 50 to 70 drops per minute, bringing the body back into harmony.



text by Jelena Pavlovic

video: Beer van Geer and Tena Lazarevic

piano: Freek Zwanenberg