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Tena Lazaravic | Porta Volta Milano : Spaces of multy-culture



Porta Volta Milano : Spaces of multy-culture


Program: Mixed-use, public spaces, galleries, scenes, offices

Status: Author

Location: Milano, Italy
Phase of the project: Concept design


The space between ancient Roman and medieval walls of the city of Milan is now a city void, conflicted to the dense urban matrix of the surroundings. The goal was to create a multicultural and multy-purpose space that could accompany one of the city’s main ‘attractions’, the Milan Fair. The project was designed so that the square “dives” underneath the ground, leaving clear a horizontal public space of the former walls and letting the city to breathe. The object  re-emerges in the form of public gardens. The submerged part are transformable scenes, of both intimate and bigger scales , which could be used for theater purposes, exhibitions, concerts, presentations, meditation, lectures.