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Tena Lazaravic | Performing the moment

Performing the moment


The pier in Scheveningen, the Hague is the last piece of land before the sea. The last attempt of a physical border with the sea that constantly re-configures itself in relation to the shore during the tide switches. It is a place where the ultimate consumerist Scheveningen walkway clashes with the strongest currents of wind and sea. The dominant wind in the area, is emphasized sonically on different parts of the Pier building, by Aeolian harp, creating very different atmospheres. Those additionally intertwine with the strong sound of the waves, creating a zone of no-reference.


Through emphazing the infinite dynamics of the wind play on specific locations, their own identity becomes fluid and impermanent.


This concept proposes a form of active perception that temporarily modifies the surrounding environment and tries to criticize the stiff, inert urban spaces.


video: Beer van Geer and Tena Lazarevic