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Tena Lazaravic | Breathing space

Breathing space


breathe in…


and slowly breathe out



Breathing space – Ademruimte



Ademruimte is a research project where a group of specialized designers, health workers, urbanologists and architects come together to design a public space for rest, contemplation and silence; something that is missing in modern cities. The main topic is the interaction with breathing, which through a combination of sensor technology, interior, architecture, light and sound design get interwoven into a spatial design.


The breathing space is a contemplative multi-sensory installation. It consists of several integrated technologies. Inside the sitting furniture in the breathing space there is integrated BCG (ballistocardiography) technology. This makes it able to measure subtle changes in pressure; it can detect heart and breathing patterns. Aside this technology the bench has integrated dial controller. This controller can be used by the visitor to change the pace of the breathing guidance in the space (the moving light and sound).


When the user focuses on this guided rhythm, the BCG technology measures if the user is in a synchronised and focussed state, rewarding the user with a subtle change in light and sound. In this way the user gets immersed and motivated to keep there focus with their breath.


concept and design : Beer van Geer and Tena Lazarevic (calmspaces)
sound : Yota Morimoto
sensor : Bin Yu
graphic design : Jonathan Looman and Gwenda Jakobs
production : Tim Terpstra

photography: Maurice Mikkers