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Tena Lazaravic | Jardins acoustiques



Jardins acoustiques

In any place, close your eyes and establish a defined area of the sounds your ear can listen. Meireles Cildo,  Study for time ( 1969)


Program: public spaces, sound installations

Status: Author Location: /

Phase of the project: Concept design


Cities of today are polluted with artificialness. Nature is becoming far behind forgotten of our primordial roots of existence. Fact is that technologies are often even enhancing artificialness of our surrounding making us even more disconnected of the natural world.

From the eyes of architects, parks remain as only places in the cities were spontaneous, random, semi-natural and natural sounds could be heard. Therefore, the strongest the artificialness the strongest park we would require. There are two possible way of thinking. One is that we would have to rethink of what do we know of parks in general, and how they could be shaped in a new innovative way in other to enhance sounds of nature in the form of “acoustic gardens”, or, with the help of a today’s technologies to bring the parks were needed – and to transform artificial sound into the natural one – by exploring the possible methods of re-designing the noise created on the very specific spots in the cities. These could be referred as a natural “sound incubators” .