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Tena Lazaravic | Amondawa

Program: sound installation, part of the Sand songs festival

Status: author with Jesse Smits ( )

floating islands construction:  Sander Massera

dock build up help: Matteo Marangoni, Tim Terspstra, Beer van Geer

Photography: Pieter Kers|

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Date: 2016

Phase of the project: finished


Amondawa is a site-specific sound installation, inspired by the dynamic interplay of forces that form the location of Zandmotor. This dynamic, man-made sandy terrain,  aims to work as an open framework, whose language, as well as identity is fluid and disperse. It changes over time, and no one knows the exact outcome.

The sound installation is organized in form or three different sound groups: chimes islands floating on the lagoon and actuated by the waves, koshi chimes actuated by the wind and custom made handpan-gong actuated by the wind. Various energies and movements present at the Zandmotor are sonically emphasized, requiring an alert presence, refrained from analytical thought. One is exposed to those while walking down a 12 meter long dock, into the lagoon. A deep stillness placed in the present moment opens infinite possibilities. The installation works as an orchestration of potential, unpredictable forms.



*Sand Songs is a program specifically conceived for the Zandmotor by an international group of interdisciplinary artists and students that have been invited to imagine this location in the terms of a musical instrument that is performed by human activity as much as by the natural elements.


presented by iii in collaboration with SatellietgroepArtScience Interfacultyand TodaysArt