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About & Contact

At a beach or in the desert, dig a hole in the sand (the size you like), sit down and wait, silently, until the wind wraps it out completely. Meireles, Cildo


This is a website of Tena Lazarevic (Paris, 1988), an Architect. In my work I start with focusing on atmospheres and feelings. I am mostly guided by intuition and interested in exploring the borders of architecture. Architecture should be reduced to the minimal impact; loose but humane. It should evolve and perform through the time, surprise and inspire. Should be related to the nature.

Through my previous experience, I have discovered that I am truly interested to get more involved into the small scale architecture – residential, public spaces, installations. What strives me particularly is integration of natural elements such as natural sounds in public spaces, for which I believe can make the cities that are ever-growing more liveable.

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- E-Mail:

- Skype:  Tena.lazarevic1

- Phone: +381 63 222 116

- Address:  Jezdiceva 7, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia